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With Eduardo Subirats and Christopher Britt Palgrave Macmillan/Springer, 2018
Essays from the Trenches of the CCA Wars  Accountable Publishing, 2011
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Interview of Paul Fenn by Yoni Goldstein and Charles Schultz, California, 2018
Circuit Circus - Circos, Intelectuales y Pasayos, University of Valencia, Spain, 2017

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Environmental Defense Fund, USA 2015

Natural Gas & Electricity (Wiley's), USA, 2009
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The Workbook, 1999
Massachusets Senate, 1995
City of San Francisco, 2004
  • Fenn has spent his career fighting to green our energy supply by transforming the industry's structure, creating Community Choice Aggregation, which lets a community take over its energy supply.
  • Paul Fenn is a little-known consultant with an academic bent, but he may be the utility industry’s enemy No. 1. For more than 25 years he’s been pushing the idea that local communities ought to be able to set up their own power agencies to compete with established utilities. Local control, he says, can produce lower rates and greater use of renewable energy.
  • Paul Fenn, the chief executive of the San Francisco-based company , who wrote the original 2002 legislation that opened the door for local communities to procure their own power.

    Teabaggers and the Angry American are the targets of a calculated propaganda effort of one of the world’s largest energy companies to grab a power monopoly in California’s constitution – all by re-directing voter anger from anger against the Wall Street collapse to anger against local governments. PG&E says Prop 16 is about voter rights, when its CEO admitted Prop 16 is really intended to reduce public votes that might interfere in its business. With a shamelessness that brings the film The Corporation to mind, PG&E has spent over $50M in ratepayer funds to pay for its faux-patriot advertisements during the same month that its attorney's are asking California regulators for the largest rate increase in its history: 30% or $6 Billion.

    In this redefinition of modern life into energy-intensive, world-traversing machine products, the icons of our hope are trivialized into gadgets that represent priestly hope. In the silence of our consuming desires, we lapse into a lonely, disloyal society of resentful castratos who lack all the bad qualities, but cannot know what they want or think; and mercenaries trusted for their freedom from all loyalty. The idols of renewable technology reflect this same emptiness – the very question, will solar ever replace coal? Which new technology will change energy?
  • Philosopher pawns: climate change and nuclear revival

    As Fukushima poured its iodine clouds eastward toward the West and its millions of gallons of radioactive water into the Pacific, a famous ecologist burst forth publicly with enthusiasm for nuclear power. George Monbiot, the British Climate Change authority and journalist, felt compelled to declare his support for nuclear power plants...